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Beetle Percussion now plants a tree in Colorado for every product you purchase. With each item purchased, one tree seedling will be planted in the beetle affected forests of Colorado to assist with restoration. We have teamed up with our partners at the Colorado State Forestry Service at CSU, and are excited to not only be able to remove harmful materials from the environment, but now also replace them with new life. In the aftermath of destructive wildfires, reforesting burned land helps protect water supplies, restores wildlife habitat and reduces flooding and erosion.


Our Latest Addition to the Beetle Artist Roster...

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Karl Arrieta, AKA @karldrumtech, created a Social Media presence a little over two years ago designed to fulfill the needs of the Marching Arts Community that he didn't feel was being adequately met; positivity, life skills, collaboration and free education. With the creation of his Social Media presence, Karl thus began to create and cultivate a new wave of individuals who are interested in creating a community based on mutual respect no matter where they are in their journey of growth and self discovery through percussion. With the skill sets he learned working in the corporate world, reading books and learning from unconventional teachers and gurus, Karl is teaching students from all over the online marching percussion world how to thrive in all of their pursuits. As a result, Karl has a substantial following on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook that continues to grow every single day which he hopes leverage in order to reach even more students with his message. Karl has recently created a product geared towards Quad Drummers called #quadphilosophy yet continues to provide free advice and tutorials to ALL marching arts students on all of his platforms.

Prior to becoming @karldrumtech, Karl first learned about marching percussion at Torrance High School in Torrance, California. From there, he went on to march Tenor Drums in The Tournament of Roses Honor Band, The Sound Machine of the Inland Empire, Cal State Northridge Matador Band, The Kingsmen Indoor Percussion Ensemble and Impulse Drum and Bugle Corps. Upon aging out, Karl went on to teach at several local Southern California High Schools, Impulse, Gold and The Troopers.

Karl currently resides in Torrance California, where he continues to read books, travel, invest and live a healthy and holistic lifestyle.  


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