Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells


  • California recycled car tire rubber

  • Colorado beetle killed pine

  • Hand turned and assembled

  • No slip or drop bevel

  • Large comfortable handle

  • 35 Steel E flat 1.25" bells

  • High quality webbing

  • Flat, soft top and bottom for silent up & down

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The Beetle Percussion Sleigh Bells consist of 35 steel E flat 1.25" bells, a large comfortable hand turned handle, large beveled playing surface on bottom so bells won't slip, top and bottom recycled car tire rubber covered playing surfaces, two flat places to silently sit on, silent lifting and setting down, bells aligned for short, crisp attacks with fast decay, we foam tab the back of the bell rivets to control vibration and to keep the bells taught for articulation and use thick, high quality American made webbing to rivet the bells to. All hand made and assembled, and of course, made from earth friendly beetle killed pine and recycled car tires! These are the finest hand made sleigh bells available used by the world's best musicians and symphonies.Global temperatures have facilitated a pine beetle epidemic over the last decade and the result is millions of acres  of dead forest in the West. In the Colorado Rocky Mountains alone, there are over 3.3 million acres of woodland that has been killed by a beetle infestation. The beetles burrow into the bark of the trees laying their eggs, and in the process a fungus carried by the beetles infects, kills and turns it's grain into a blue-grey color. Beetle Percussion produces our hand made ecologically helpful drum pads and other percussion products from these Colorado pines and other North American beetle-killed trees. We source the majority of our lumber from Colorado, but also other beetle affected states like 200 year old pines from Montana and beetle-killed ash trees from Kansas City. We give new life to an eyesore that would otherwise continue to produce carbon and remain a fire hazard. Our goal is to use as many recycled and reclaimed materials as possible to hand craft unique, high quality percussion products. Our slap stick is 2 feet long with large comfortable handles. It is very articulate and easy to control a variety of dynamics. The silent hinge is made from recycled car tire rubber. Add this eco friendly instrument to your holiday percussion arsenal!