Line Pad/Mallet Pad Base

Line Pad/Mallet Pad Base


  • Mallet base can accommodate all five pads on an x-stand

  • Doubles as a snare line pad

  • One side is 3/16” and the other is 1/4” tall rubber for two different feels and base grip

  • Approximately 94” inches long

  • Weighs 10+ lbs.

  • 100% American materials and 100% hand made

  • A reclaimed, environmentally helpful, green line pad

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The Mallet Pad Base / Line Pad is a thin piece of pine that has 8 pieces of car tire rubber on both sides to help prevent the mallet pad and any stand from slipping. It can accommodate all five mallet pads. It can also double as a snare line pad! It is over 90 inches long and works best with an x-stand or two snare stands on both ends.