Tony Teleky Signature Bus Pad

Tony Teleky Signature Bus Pad


  • Double sided 1/4' recycled car tire rubber and natural wood side

  • Tough, durable reclaimed maple (20% harder than ash) solid wood core

  • 13 1/4" wide and 6 3/4 tall, 5/8" thick reclaimed hard maple

  • Thin hard wood resonates when playing on rubber side

  • The hard wood side cuts through the other pads on the bus

  • Recycled car tire feet to help stay on your lap

  • Thin, Durable, Affordable, Mobile, Green

  • 100% hand made from 100% American materials

  • A reclaimed, environmentally helpful, green practice pad

  • Weighs 2.3 lbs

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This pad was designed by Beetle Artist Tony Teleky (Center Snare Cadets 2017) because he wanted a bus pad for his age out DCI summer that was comfortable on the lap, durable, and had a hard wood side that could be heard above the other pads. The pad's design is intended to be set on the lap and avoid the annoying wobble common in round pads.