Jack Fry Signature Pad

Jack Fry Signature Pad


  • Toned center for zone and timbre control

  • 5 decibel difference between center and edge/guts

  • Rimshot zones with car tire cutout design

  • Raised 3/16" base for improved resonance

  • All new dark walnut stained ash wood base

  • Pad sits just over one inch tall 

  • Weighs 3.5 lbs

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DCI World Champion, Beetle Artist and Educator Jack Fry wanted to design a pad that could be used as a teaching tool for zone control on a marching snare drum. The marching arts is a demanding activity where consistent bead placement is vital to create a balanced sound and control timbre. The Jack Fry signature marching pad has a toned center to help players easily hear their placement in the center of the playing surface. Measuring at a 5 decibel difference, the edge and guts playing zones are clearly quieter than the toned center. Moving just 1 inch away creates a noticeable timbre change. The recycled car tire rubber playing surface is cut in a fashion to help with shot zone accuracy and improve rimshot quality. The base of the pad is lifted by a 3/16th inch car tire ring to increase the resonance of the supported tonal area.