Floppy Practice Pad

Floppy Practice Pad


  • 10" diameter, 1/4" tall

  • Recycled car tire rubber

  • "Flop" it on any hard surface and play

  • Super thin and light weight

  • Affordable way to support green percussion 

  • Not recommended as a snare mute (hard surface only)

  • Weighs 10.5 oz

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Imagine how many car tires we could keep out of landfills and oceans if every drummer used pads made from recycled car tires? Our new "Floppy" pad was created as we threw around the cut rubber circles and played on them around the shop on different surfaces before they were glued on our pad bases. We realized that these could work as a thin, light, affordable, convenient pad. Make sure you "Flop" them on hard surfaces for the best feel. The Floppy pad is 10” wide and sits 1/4” tall.