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beetle artists

The following musicians play beetle percussion products - we would not exist without their support!

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"I love the ecological mission and people behind Beetle Percussion, but the handmade, artisan craftsmanship that goes into every product is truly one of a kind. The result is a gorgeous and unique work of art in every pad."


"What more could you need in a practice pad.  beetle percussion pads are second to none.   They are constructed of all recyclable material and look great.  The feel and response of these pads are great!  They are rugged enough for the road.   When you need a great practice pad I only have one word "beetle"


"At first glance the pads looks really beautiful with a great finish on the lovely wood and a nice contrast with the black rubber. They’re a good sturdy weight that really makes them feel high quality. The black rubber on them work really well give good rebound on the sticks and again a good high quality feel. I’ve tried out a few pads and these really are the best feeling pads I’ve ever played!!"



"As a professional drummer and percussionist, I am always looking for quality products to use live and in the studio. beetle has definitely made a quality product worth playing while helping the environment all at the same time. The beetle drum pad is by far the coolest looking pad I have ever used. Never mind the look, it works! It's amazing that the pad is made out of all recycled materials and yet the action is amazing. I use to warm up before every show!"

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"Have you ever been blown away by a drum practice pad? Either have I... until now! beetle pads have an amazing feel, are artfully made and ecologically friendly. The perfect pad!"


"The pads have a great drumming response and are super durable and light. They are perfect for percussionists of all levels and for all of the ecological good they are doing should be found in every percussion studio across the nation."


"As a conservation-minded percussionist and artist, I’m very happy to endorse beetle percussion products. They combine the resourcefulness of an eco-friendly American-made product with articulate recycled car tire rubber, all while looking elegant and clean.  It’s a conversation piece in my studio and very functional.  I can’t ask for a more responsible and useful product."

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I live, teach, and perform in the Rocky Mountains and understand where the wood comes from. This pad speaks to me as it is artisan-made, high quality, thoughtfully designed, ecologically forward-thinking, and feels fantastic. I'll never buy another pad."


"My beetle pad is the most versatile pad I have ever owned.  Not only does it look great, but it also allows me to get the most out of my practice time because of its awesome sound and feel.  No matter what you are working on, rudimental, or orchestral, these pads provide great feel and response and should be part of any percussionist's arsenal of equipment."



"The hand-crafted beetle practice pad looks and plays great, but even more importantly, I especially appreciate beetle's attention to recycling and the environment. A forward-thinking company, with old-fashioned craftsmanship."


"I've never had a practice pad that looked or sounded this good! The thick wood really amplifies the notes being played on the pad. I love it."

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"This pad is amazing. I love it. It feels great, and its a great conversation piece. The response of the stick is amazing. One of the greatest ideas ever! Feels good, and is cosmetically sexy!"

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"I got the pad and love it!  It's beautiful.  I really like the thickness and appearance, and it fits great in a snare basket and because of the weight, it has good 'inertia' so the sticks rebound well... best of all it sounds good.  Actually the best part is that it's environmentally friendly; it makes me happy to know I'm playing on recycled tire rubber and wood that needed a good use."


"Fundamentally outstanding instruments and implements. The best 'feel' of any practice pad I have played and a rocket of a slapstick. Snaps and blends extremely well within the ensemble. The fact that they are made from reclaimed materials is a bonus to some beautifully crafted and great sounding instruments."


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“Beetle Products are works of art, conversation pieces, and above all they are a professional tool for any level of percussionist. The Beetle Percussion mission is clear and inspiring for creators to find innovative and ecologically helpful ways to craft their products."