beetle artists

The following musicians play beetle percussion products - we would not exist without their support!


"After aging out of drum corps and trying most every practice pad out there, I can safely say that none feel exactly like a snare drum. Why not have a pad that is hand made from recycled materials, eco-friendly, and has much more purpose behind it?" 

Austin Redd.jpg

"We live in a time where caring for our environment is more important than ever. As percussionists and drummers, we have a lot to focus on, so Beetle has it all. Quality instruments that are great for practicing AND great for the environment. Also, they look fantastic."


"Ever since I heard of Beetle Percussion, they set themselves apart by being environmentally conscious while creating works of art they like to call Drum Practice Pads. When my friend Huei-Yuan Pan gifted me with a pad, I was beyond thrilled and couldn't believe how I just become a part of a community within the Marching Percussion community that cares about conservation. As a Beetle Percussion Artist, I'm ready to help spread the message that you can have a drum pad that looks cool, feels & sounds good when you drum on it and not take so much from the environment in order to do so."