beetle artists

The following musicians play beetle percussion products - we would not exist without their support!


"After aging out of drum corps and trying most every practice pad out there, I can safely say that none feel exactly like a snare drum. Why not have a pad that is hand made from recycled materials, eco-friendly, and has much more purpose behind it?" 

Austin Redd.jpg

"We live in a time where caring for our environment is more important than ever. As percussionists and drummers, we have a lot to focus on, so Beetle has it all. Quality instruments that are great for practicing AND great for the environment. Also, they look fantastic."


"Ever since I heard of Beetle Percussion, they set themselves apart by being environmentally conscious while creating works of art they like to call Drum Practice Pads. When my friend Huei-Yuan Pan gifted me with a pad, I was beyond thrilled and couldn't believe how I just become a part of a community within the Marching Percussion community that cares about conservation. As a Beetle Percussion Artist, I'm ready to help spread the message that you can have a drum pad that looks cool, feels & sounds good when you drum on it and not take so much from the environment in order to do so."

Michael Stacy.jpg

“Not only as a percussionist, but also an educator, I try to get involved with the best products around. These beautiful beetle pads are not only the best around, but the knowingness of being very conservative to Mother Earth is great as well.”